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                 DRIVES YOUR GROWTH

                  The things that get us up in the morning and keep us
                  focused all day are the things that drive your success … and
                  are the things that separate Hopkins Canada® from other
                  companies.  Simple but important things like SERVICE.
                  Our team members thrive on collaboration and will jump
                  through hoops to maintain the highest levels of on-time, in-
                  full shipping in the industry. And for us, service goes beyond
                  the sale … it includes our highly trained and dedicated
                  team of technical support team members who take tens of
                  thousands of calls from consumers after the purchase. We do
                  it because we want them to have a five star experience with our

                  We know that VALUE is critical to shoppers when they gauge the
                  quality of the products they buy relative to the prices they pay. So we
                  developed a global manufacturing footprint that strikes the right balance between
                  quality, cost and availability.

                  We pioneer consumer-driven INNOVATION that helps you maximize comparable growth
                  year after year, while elevating your shoppers’ satisfaction. We know that satisfying your
                  shoppers helps build loyalty to our brands and the retailers who carry them. And over
                  time, we have seen retailers who partner with Hopkins outpace the growth of the industry.

                  We translate shopper insights into award winning RETAIL PRESENTATIONS. Our
                  compelling retail presentations capture the shoppers’ attention and convert them into

                  We know our RECOGNIZED CONSUMER BRANDS make it easier for you to satisfy
                  your shoppers. Our portfolio now includes 28 consumer brands, including the recently
                  acquired Blazer® lighting brand, Detailer’s Choice™ and OxiClean™ car care products and
                  Tanner’s Select™ genuine chamois. Our brands contribute to the confidence the consumer
                  feels every time they make a purchase.

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