Page 6 - Aftermarket Catalog 2015
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THE SMARTER AND FRESHER CHOICEEliminates PremiumOdors InnovationClearMessageClean, strikingly modern, and easy to read packaging, eliminates the confusion and simplifies the shopping experience. A Scratch n’ Sniff label provides an accurate fragrance sample ... leading to the highest level of shopper satisfaction.Bad odors are the #1 purchase trigger for automotive air fresheners. But consumers do not see current air fresheners eliminating odor, rather just masking them with fragrance. There is a huge consumer need to address odor elimination.All DUO products are designed with two chambers ... one that features a patented odor eliminator, the second that houses the fragrance, infused with essential oils for long lasting freshness that never overwhelms. The result isa visibly different product that is preferred to all existing brands in our consumer testing.800-265-05266INTERIOR ACCESSORIES

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